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PREFACE This blog post is written from the perspective of a White secondary ELA teacher who has worked with Indigenous students exclusively at a First Nations private high school for the last fifteen years. My experiences are primarily from working with Ojibwe, Cree, and Ojicree students from Treaty 5 and Treaty 9 territory in Northern […]

Throughout my teaching career, I’ve found poetry to be one of those topics that many students fear. Perhaps they worry about exposing their inner thoughts and feelings, or perhaps it’s just the fear of learning a new genre, but I assure them that poetry can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Still skeptical, they enter […]

As teachers, we teach the curriculum of our subjects each day, but there is also a hidden curriculum that we try to instill in our students – all of the life and social skills to be a successful, happy, contributing citizen. Now more than ever, an important piece of learning to navigate as a good […]

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and although it may seem difficult to incorporate holiday celebrations into your secondary ELA class with all of the curriculum expectations to meet, here are five ways to include some Valentine’s themed activities into your lessons without missing a beat in your usual routine.  1. SOUL MATE PAIRING Need a […]

Whether you’re heading back into the classroom, or prepping to go back online (thanks, Omicron), we can all use some fun and fresh air to beat the winter blahs.  If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have snow on the ground, Literary Snowman Building is a cool idea to try with your students this month, […]

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