FREEBIE! Virtual record SHOP slides FOR CRITICAL THINKING Activities

With the decline of print media, the classic comic strips we grew up with are not as much a part of our students’ lives, with Internet graphics and memes taking up that space, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for comic strips as educational tools in our classrooms. Comic strips require many higher […]

I find that starting the school year with a short story unit that focuses on the elements of fiction is the best starting point to give my students the building blocks they need to be successful in my English classes. In the first lesson, I explain types of plot and how a plot diagram is […]

Some of the most memorable projects and activities that I remember from my own high school experience involved filming what can only be described as cinematic masterpieces, if only in our own minds. I remember two standout performances in particular – a group project film about a viral pandemic outbreak, which you would think should […]

Are you even an English teacher if you don’t have a huge bin of old magazines in your classroom? Even though print media is declining, magazines are alive and well in English classrooms around the world thanks to tried and true activities like collages and found poetry, and in honour of this medium, I’ve compiled […]

Music has always been a reflection of the times and a chronicle of important issues and viewpoints. Analyzing the themes and perspectives in music can be a powerful tool to help our students look critically at current events, historical perspectives, and engage with social justice issues. Janet Jackson once said, “With music by our side, […]

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