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I teach high school English at an Indigenous private school in Northern Ontario, Canada. In addition to my Honours Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, I have Alternative Education and Reading Specialist additional qualifications. I also run a Teacher Instagram and I am a TpT Teacher-Author -  @mochasandmarkbooks. In addition to teaching, I have also worked as a School Literacy Lead, and have been contracted as an Educational Resource Creator, Educational Consultant, and Digital Creator.

I'm Katie

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I strive to provide ideas and resources that will help your students tap into their creative energy and find new ways to demonstrate comprehension.

It is my mission to share ideas, create content, and design resources that spark critical and creative thinking skills, help students become engaged in the learning process, and create meaningful and relevant connections with the curriculum. 


As an educator, resource and content creator, it is important to me to keep inclusivity at the forefront. I value differentiated instruction based on needs and ability, culturally responsive teaching, anti-bias and anti-racist education, and gender inclusive classrooms. 

My content and resources are an extension of my own teaching journey. They reflect authentic classroom dynamics and are based on a foundation of research and lived experience. 


I aim to create content that will help you to grow as an educator and gain new insights. Similarly, I create resources that will engage your students in the learning process and enable them to see themselves as lifelong learners.

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A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Towes

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cafe mocha, obviously

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a graphic designer

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spending time with my kids

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