FREEBIE! Virtual record SHOP slides FOR CRITICAL THINKING Activities

Scrolling Pinterest or Teacher Instagram, we see so many cute selfies of teachers posing in their #ootd, reflected in a mirror surrounded by laminated cards with words of affirmation. These bursts of positivity in my social feeds inspired me to finally grab the cheap full length mirror I saw at Walmart, some Command Hook adhesive […]

It’s back to school season! I know, summer went by way too fast, but while we reminisce about our toes in the sand, let’s also get ready to put on our teacher shoes for the first day of class. Here are five of my favourite items and activities to start the school year off right!  […]

Summer break is a joyous time for any teacher, and should be filled with rest, relaxation and self-care, but if you’re like me, it’s also a great time to lesson plan without the stress of looming deadlines and other teaching tasks. There’s no better feeling than starting a new school year feeling prepared, confident and […]

My school is fortunate enough to have a school library, which I’ve taken my classes to whenever independent reading material was needed, but there was always the thought in the back of my head that I needed to do more to promote reading and celebrate books within my classroom. My classroom library up until this […]

PREFACE This blog post is written from the perspective of a White secondary ELA teacher who has worked with Indigenous students exclusively at a First Nations private high school for the last fifteen years. My experiences are primarily from working with Ojibwe, Cree, and Ojicree students from Treaty 5 and Treaty 9 territory in Northern […]

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