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Don’t Have a Meltdown, Beat the Winter Blahs With Literary Snowmen

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Whether you’re heading back into the classroom, or prepping to go back online (thanks, Omicron), we can all use some fun and fresh air to beat the winter blahs. 

If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have snow on the ground, Literary Snowman Building is a cool idea to try with your students this month, and the best part is that your students can complete this activity at school or at home, depending on your circumstances.

The concept is simple, students build a snowman and then decorate it with items to signify a literary character.

Activity Considerations to decide prior to the big build:

  • Do you want your students working individually or in small groups?
  • Do you want to assign a specific character that everyone must create, or let students decide?
  • Do you want to grade the finished snowmen as an evaluation product, or make it more of a fun competition for a prize?

Whether you are grading the finished snowmen or critiquing them for a competition prize, here is a rubric that will help you determine grades/winners.

This activity is a great way to incorporate cross-curricular approaches in your ELA classroom and provides the benefits of outdoor experiential education as well as boosting class morale through team-building and strengthening classroom community based on shared experience.

If you try this activity out with your class I’d love to see the results! Make sure to tag @mochasandmarkbooks or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

Stay Frosty, Friends!

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