FREEBIE! Virtual record SHOP slides FOR CRITICAL THINKING Activities

Already have your courses planned but want to add some LGBTQIA2S+ representation to your syllabus? Short stories are a great way to incorporate more diverse characters and authors to your classroom. Here are five short stories from young adult anthologies featuring LGBTQIA2S+ characters that you should read to your secondary ELA students! (These stories are […]

Welcome to Class! It’s the first day of school and you have a new group of students sitting in front of you. Some smiling back at you, others more hesitant, and a few with their heads down, earphones in or staring out the window. How can you engage every student and set a positive tone […]

Myths and legends handed down over generations help to tell the stories of the cultures, people, and great mysteries of our world, and while folklore exists across the globe, shedding light on people, places and time periods throughout human history, let’s take a look at one country that continues to mystify and marvel with its […]

This past year I’ve worked really hard on expanding my classroom library and it has been so rewarding seeing my students grabbing books and excitedly flipping through the pages. Some of my students were already avid readers, so it wasn’t unexpected for them to be drawn to the ever-growing shelves, but what I’m most thrilled […]

Scrolling Pinterest or Teacher Instagram, we see so many cute selfies of teachers posing in their #ootd, reflected in a mirror surrounded by laminated cards with words of affirmation. These bursts of positivity in my social feeds inspired me to finally grab the cheap full length mirror I saw at Walmart, some Command Hook adhesive […]

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